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Command Line Calculator can be used to calculate mathematical expressions of unlimited length. Program supports user defined functions, user defined variables, decimal numbers, binary numbers, hex numbers, date calculations, most common functions like trigonometric functions, logarithms and so on. User can also plot functions. The main features of the program are: - Expression calculation, unlimited length - Plotting graphs - Variables can be used - User can define own functions - Saving and opening previous calculations - Temporary file and history list - Date calculation - Following numbers are supported: decimal, hex, octal and binary - Bitwise operations are supported - Several statistics calculations - Over 70 in build functions available Benefits: - Expression calculation There is no limit to the length of expression, which can be entered into calculation. Program supports variables and most of the typical functions like trigonometric functions, logarithms, basic operations and so on, see more details from the help page. - Plotting graphs One can also do one variable plots with plot command. In the picture is shown functions “sin(x)/x”, “sin(1.2*x)/x” and “sin(1.4*x)/x”. User can zoom and pan the plot with mouse’s left and right button and with double click – see picture on right. All calculations are stored into history list, from where one get them by pressing space bar. - Variables One can set variables. For example writing w=98, sets w’s value to 98. Variables can then be used later in calculations. For example w 3 would give 101. There is also separate window for variables, which can be used together with main window. See under menu item “View”. - User defined functions User can set his or hers functions. For example f(x)=x 2*sin(x). See picture on right for more details. User can set multi variable functions. User can also call earlier defined functions in the later functions. For example in the picture on right one can see that function “y” is used also in the function “g”. - Opening and saving calculations User can save his or hers strings into a file and use them later. - Temporary file and history list All calculations are stored into a history list. One can access these calculations by pressing space bar. These calculations are also saved into a temporary file. So when program is started again one can access previously calculated functions if needed. - Date calculation One can calculate how many days there are between two dates or what is a date, when certain number of days are added or deleted from a date. See picture on right. - Bitwise operations Bitwise operations like and, or, xor, not, eqv, imp and shifting is also supported. One can combine these operations and functions with other in build and user defined functions. - Statistics calculations On the right one can see available statistical calculations. Following functions are supported: Min: minimum of user entered data set Max: maximum of user entered data set Number of elements: is number of user entered numbers Mean: mean or average of user entered data set Median: is the middle value of the user entered numbers, when all numbers have been put into order from smallest to biggest. Sum: Sum of all user entered numbers Sum of square: Sum of square of user entered numbers Range: Maximum value minus minimum value, it provides indication of statistical dispersion Standard deviation: Standard deviation is measure of variability or dispersion of data set. Standard deviation is square root of variance Variance: Variance is square of standard deviation - see above Kurtosis: Kurtosis is measure of peakedness of data set Skewness: Skewness is measure of asymmetry of user entered data Geometric mean: User entered numbers (n numbers) are multiplied and then nth root is taken from the result. Mid-range: Mid range is average of maximum and minimum values

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